What if the purpose of education was to guide children to change the world?

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Our mission is to guide each child to understand the world around them and the talents within them so that they can find a calling and change the world.

We strive to enrich and enhance the learning experience of homeschooling and unschooling families.

A transformative education

Acton of the Rubies joins a growing network of Acton Academy affiliates worldwide. We join teams in Wisconsin, Chicago, Toronto, Houston and London who won the right to open a new wave of Acton Academies to build on the success of the original Acton Academy in Austin, Texas. Watch a video about how Acton is transforming education.

Education for the 21st century

Why we're starting an Acton

A letter from Angie Heguy, Parent and Founder of Acton of the Rubies.

Truly, there are a hundred reasons why I chose Acton (and Acton chose me), but the main reason my family and I are bringing Acton to Elko is simple: the world needs more entrepreneurs, independent thinkers and leaders. Acton Academy is a growing community of transformative schools in more than 60 locations, and we believe it is the most integral, innovative and enriching program out there. It provides the right setting for a child to explore the world with his or her own unique talents while also providing a space to advance their knowledge, gain insights into life’s tough questions and learn practical skills to help them thrive in today’s world.

Further, we believe in the ultimate importance of the family and the fundamental role the family plays in the hero's journey. My husband, Joe, and I are both fourth generation Elko County entrepreneurs. We currently live on Joe's family ranch west of Elko, where we raise beef, horses and our two children. It's through my many years of growing up in and around family businesses that I have become the entrepreneur I am today. My family and I are thrilled to be a part of the revolution! With Acton of the Rubies, Elko's youth will have the opportunity to truly embark upon their own hero's journey.

What Parents are Saying

"Since starting at Acton of the Rubies, the level of maturity and responsibility for his studies that my son is taking have exceeded my expectations. I am so glad we trusted Acton's philosophy to trust the children and allow them to show what they're capable of. Being in a mixed ages classroom with younger students has allowed him to practice and strengthen his understanding of foundational concepts while also building confidence through mentorship. At the same time, his own learning programs have allowed him to move ahead through age-appropriate material at his own rate and according to his own ever-changing motivations. Now he wants to learn and achieve his goals because he holds himself to a high standard, not because someone else is."
"Although our family was anxious being one of the first-year enrollees in the Acton of the Rubies program, the family-like environment of the studio, that nurtures success and growth of our son's character, have demonstrated the numerous merits of the program. We have seen our son develop an internal drive to learn and discover knowledge on his own, constantly seeking to meet his personal goals. In addition, the family-centric model of Acton has enriched our family's core values and elevated our ambition for a collective excellence in all we do."

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